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6 Responses to Sick'n'tired

  1. Hey Jackie!!
    your stuff looks awesome I love the profile you did!!!
    Hope your doing great

  2. Erin says:

    dearest yackie,

    i most definitely will!
    in many respects, as in, yes, i will be drawing you, picking up that textbook, and probably chowin' down on that oatmeal.

    also, i hope your health improves, and i will be carrying around some good tea and maybe a bottle of vitamin c, so that the next time i see you i will have something to offer you for your illness,

    take care !

  3. Jackie says:

    Hey Jessica!

    Thank you very much! I know you're doing quite well 'cause I've been lurking around your blog for quite some time. It's my favorite to watch!

    Keep it up triplet sister Borutski <3

  4. Jackie says:

    And Erin,

    Ohhhhh Erin. Thumbs up to all of the above!

    (I feel a little bit better today. I can breathe out of both sides of my nose!)

  5. i have one of those girl dress hoodies that i wear when i'm sick too. they fit us here lanky guys well.

    look here!

  6. Jackie says:


    It looks like a normal hoodie on you! You wear it well, Bill. I almost got that colour too.

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