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7 Responses to Baby polar bears

  1. i think i saw you yesterday and i did a little wave but you were in conversation so i doubt you caught it!

  2. Jackie says:

    Oh goodness. I HOPE you didn't see me yesterday because the only time I was out was at Starbucks immediately after waking and then at work, hating my life, being really alone and grumpy.

    Was it at either of these places?

  3. starbucks, but the girl i saw wasn't very grumpy at all.. maybe i'm crazy!

  4. Jackie says:

    Was "she" walking to a fellow with a thrash cut? We were sitting on the high stools where you can watch the barista.

  5. Jackie says:

    BY "walking to" I meant "talking to".

  6. yes! okay i'm not crazy. ahaha. i was w/ my mum! we were in and out, though.

  7. Jackie says:

    One dayyyyyy we will meet right haha

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