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4 Responses to Just a quick update while I attempt to cook in candlelight

  1. nicole says:

    Jackie: Warrior Artist.

  2. Jackie says:


    That ain't paint on my hands. IT'S THE BLOOD OF OCAD STUDENTS hahaha

  3. olivia says:

    we should be bbm pals! is that creepy? it kinda is. i am sorry.
    also i was considering sucking it up and moving back to toronto to go to ocad for grad school - is there some kind of sheridan rivalry i'm unaware of?!

  4. Jackie says:

    I'm not afraid of new BBM pals!
    PINNED YA: 2088104F :D

    Also, yes. Generally, the art students at Sheridan think that the art students at OCAD are more interested in keeping up appearances rather than actually producing anything worth viewing hahaha

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