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7 Responses to You probably want to be my pen pal

  1. Angela. says:

    aahaha, i would also love to be your pen pal! :)

  2. hahaha, is that erin crying and spilling wine while on the phone??

  3. Jackie says:

    hahahaha! Actually it's ME crying and spilling wine while on the phone. Our hair looks pretty similar when limited by red and black marker :P

  4. bottom left -- telefrancais?!

  5. i got so excited to recognize it that i didn't even notice the word telefrancais in the box right next to it, hahah.

    your art is fantastic!

  6. my name is ariel! o_O haha
    your art is super awesome. i came across your page recently and i have to say it's pretty sweet.

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