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7 Responses to ▲ Just bear with me

  1. rachel says:

    i have polar bear undies too! haha

  2. JACKIE this looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!

    I'm sure you'll knock Claire's tights and boots off! hahah

    Really nice details :)

  3. Jackie says:

    HA VERY GOOD You're in the club, Rachel!


  4. ahaha i love it so much. i also really love the facebook add-in.

  5. Marina says:

    haha I think you LOOVE love them. despite what you say. looks so good though!!

  6. anna says:

    You just made it possible to prove the important-ness of polar-bear-love!!! Every time someone doubts you, you just need to casually say: "Well, but as you can see in this information chart..."

    & something Knut-related. (It's german, but you really don't need to know what they are saying, Knut-cuteness speaks for itself! ;) )

    And this is probably the right time to say, that I really adore your blog!

    anna :)

  7. leyton says:

    I really love this!! :)

    you did a super job :)

    i was wondering what class was this done for?
    i wanna take a class like this.

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