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5 Responses to ▲ One day I'll own a tablet and this will be less painful

  1. Why not do the final linear on paper, scan it, and livetrace it in illustrator? That would you won't have to use the mouse to do the linear work :)

  2. If it means anything, I have a tablet and prefer the mouse?

    And @the previous comment: worst idea ever. Live tracing is ugly fugly

  3. JCT says:

    @ previous comment: well, works for me.

  4. they're the cutest people ever. i love them.

  5. Jackie says:

    EEEEUUUUGGGGHHH I loathe live-trace. I only use it when I need a black silhouette of something really fast. It's not nearly precise enough. I'd much rather spend way too long exercising my knowledge of bezier curves until I become a tablet owner :)

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