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  1. Prowl says:

    I found your blog and I love what you do (: is very impertinent is I ask what are you studying?
    by the way, I'm Catalina (:

  2. Jackie says:

    Hello all the way to Catalina! And thank you for your kind words <3

    I'm studying illustration at Sheridan College in Oakville (Ontario, Canada)! I'm going into my fourth and final year this September.

  3. Cata says:

    Oh, you're a kind person! wow, final year.. are you nervous or anxious to finish?

    I've always like the illustration. In fact I'm looking for universities or colleges to study something related to illustration and photography.. and i don't know where to go hahaha but it's harder being foreign but I try :)

    well, thank you so much and greetings from Tenerife (Canary Island)

    ps: sorry for my horrible english (first I have to speak perfect english before going to study in another country hahhaha)

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